Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oatmeal's State of the Music Industry

This Oatmeal comic was so good I couldn't just leave it hiding under my, "In the News" section.

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Matt Inman (the 'Oatmeal' guy) has a particular knack for countering silly arguments with obvious ones in a funny way.  In this case he takes on the record labels' view that they are the God-appointed gatekeepers to all music.

Of course, the comic isn't perfect.  The last frame shows the consumer voluntarily paying for music, and although voluntary payment does work in many cases for revenue generation, it's not a business model the bank would accept if you needed a loan.

As has been emphasized here (and many other places), technological disruption has made music a free good and attempting to sell such a thing cannot rely on value.  The emphasis should be to sell scarce goods: T-shirts, concert tickets, physical media, signed or personalized kitch, etc.  Music should be treated as a promotional item used to drive consumers toward those scarce goods.

Matt's comic does not address that, but his own business model does.  He gives away all his comics online and sells books, posters and t-shirts for revenue.  I own some of his stuff myself :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All's Quiet Except the News

Hi all.  I things have been rather quiet 'round here for a while.  Life tends to get really busy in fits and starts and this blog is an unfortunate casualty.

On the plus side, I still update my, "In the News" feed almost every day with hand-picked articles about Creative Commons, copyright, the RIAA's tomfoolery and anything else that peaks my interest.

Big changes are afoot for me this summer including a new job (though I don't yet know where), so I hope to get back to this blog some time in the fall.

Thanks all for reading.