Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Promotion via Infographics

This morning during my usual coffee and feedreader ritual, I stumbled across this infographic and thought, "This is great stuff for my blog.  I must post!"  After a few minutes of digging (have I mentioned how Cheezburger sucks at attribution?) I found both the original source and an ingenious idea.

The guys who put this together run a DYI band promotion site - a decent resource in itself and worthy of mention here.  The thing that REALLY caught my attention was how they used the infographic to draw people to their site.  It's a beautiful piece of work and they're explicitly giving it away for free in exchange for linkbacks.  Genius!

So how can indie musicians do something similar?  It is in our nature to promote our music by extolling its virtues.  "Look at me!  I'm entertaining, talented and generally a good person so support me and buy my crap!"  Um - yeah - that never works, does it now?

The lesson here is that the indirect route may provide better results.  I would have never visited BandPromo.me if it weren't for their infographic, even though it doesn't directly relate to the subject of their site.  Even before the Internet this type of indirect promotion worked.  Remember how much attention Kim Mitchell's music got when MADD adopted his song Go For Soda as part of their rallying cry?

(infographic and links below the fold)

More Links:
  • BandPromo.Me: http://www.bandpromo.me/ - The guys that published the infographic
  • Kim Mitchell: http://www.lobsterlightinginc.com/ - Though I think Kim is awesome, I didn't want to link to his homepage above because it is VERY flash heavy and browser unfriendly.  Sorry, Kim :(
  • Cheezburger Network - no linkbacks for you!  (Much funnier when said like the Soup Nazi)

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