Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year from Commons Musician

Happy new year to all my loyal readers. This post marks the one year anniversary of this blog and although the posts have been somewhat bit erratic, I expect this blog to continue on for years to come.

I must apologize for the big gap between posts as of late. Life has thrown a few curve balls and I had to focus my attention on matters other than this blog. I finally have time in the few days to write a few posts and complete our CMS 2010 coverage.

In the mean time articles are still being pushed quite regularly in our, "In the News" feed (subscribe if you haven't already) including a rather interesting post by Nina Paley. You can read the full post on Techdirt, but here's the summary:

In 2009, Oren Lavie shared his stop-motion animated video for his song Her Morning Elegance on YouTube. Instead of pleading with his fans to buy his music, Oren decided instead to sell original frames from the video. It's a great example of selling scarce goods rather in a world where media is no longer scarce.

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