Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun at CMS

This weekend I'll be attending my 4th CMS here in Seattle.  In past years my workshops selection focused on guitar & bass skills, but forsooth, many of the classes are ones that I have already attended.  So to better amuse and entertain myself I have come up with a cunning plan.

Instead of my usual fare, I will take a little diversion to attend workshops in the, "Songs & Indie Artists" category.  You may ask, "Why would you do that?"  Well, just take a look at titles for some workshops in that category:

The New Music Indie-Stry
[...] Learn [...] about the vital role indie music plays in the music scene.

Top Tips for Indie Artist Success
Learn [...] what it takes to make it as an indie artist.

How to Get Rich and Famous in Christian Music
[ed. note: I REALLY hope that's tongue-in-cheek]

Writer to Publisher - It’s a two way street ...
[...] A workshop discussing the role and relationship of writers and publishers. Learn the steps a writer needs to take to connect with a publisher. Discover the types of writers publishers are actively seeking. This is also a great opportunity to learn how writers and publishers work together for success. After a song is written, how does this team deliver music to the public? It’s a partnership.

Music Publishing 101
This workshop will provide a general overview of how music publishing works. Definition of publishing terms such as statutory mechanical rate, a single song agreement, co-publishing, administration, performing rights organizations, song plugging. We will describe sources of income for songwriters and how to get paid when someone uses your song. We will discuss what a publisher does, when you need a publisher, the best way to build a relationship with a publisher and how to be your own publisher.
(names redacted to stop me from being too snide :)

Workshops run by licensing agents and agencies - what a great place to spread the word about Creative Commons!  I wonder what they'll say about a business model which seriously challenges the foundations of theirs?  This will be wonderful fun.

I'm a bit rusty on my terminology so to avoid making too much of a fool of myself, this week's assignment is to read up on coolio things like CwF RtBdisruptive innovation in the music industry and the economics of scarce and free goods.

Barring being arrested, I'll report back on the good and the bad next week.

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