Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CMS 2010: Mics and Mixers; Workshops 1 & 2

Does this look like a billion people to you?
I think I may have had a Glenn Beck moment
From the ministry of being-totally-unprepared.

Opening Session

Friday was the first day of CMS.  There had to be at least a billion people in attendance.  The opening session had good music and a decent message.  I'd tell you more, but I forgot to take notes and managed only one picture because I forgot to charge my camera battery.

Workshop #1: Fundamentals of Microphones and Applications with Steve Savanyu

I originally was planning to go to Guitar as a Voice with Chrissy Shefts (warning: MySpace link) but left the class after about 5 minutes.  The room was packed, but they only had enough chairs to fill half of it and I had no desire to stand for an hour.  I like sessions that move fast and are dense with information.  This one seemed more like a, "talking about my life experiences" kind of a deal, so I moved to on to my second choice.  That was a good call.

The class I ended up in was Fundamentals of Microphones and Applications with Steve Savanyu, a rep. with Audio-Technica.

The workshop covered fundamentals every sound tech ought to know about microphones: microphone technologies, how to read polar pattern and frequency response charts, and the applications each microphone is good for. I've asked Steve for permission to post the PDF of the presentation hear and am still waiting to hear back from him.  Y'all will want to take a look at it when I get it posted - there's lots of great information in there.

Workshop #2: N/A

I skipped out on the second workshop.  I found nothing really compelling on the schedule, so instead I decided to peruse the presenter's floor and talk to some of the reps.

Our church is building a new, though modest, sanctuary and I have been placed as the head of the A/V committee - God help their souls.  Part of the project is to replace our old sound system with a brand-spanking new one.

The system I was gravitating toward is the Roland M-400, but after talking to the Roland rep he convinced me to scale down that plan.  He downsold me to the 32 channel M-300 instead.  You heard that right, he actually convinced me that the best product for our application was something other than their top-of-the line product!  That's just awesome!  Not the usual behavior you'd expect from a sales guy.

When all is said and done it looks like we're going to get a 32 channel system with digital snakes and five personal mixers well inside our modest budget.  I have yet to get the quote from our reseller on the final price, but it's looking promising.

Coming up in tomorrow's post:

  • Workshop #3: Click Tracks, Loops & Sequencing with Ableton Live
  • Brandon Bee, the Blues Counsel and 18 seconds of actual video! (yes, my camera battery was still dead)

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  1. Looking forward to the AT presentation.

    I've steered a few people towards that Roland product and have never disappointed anyone. It's refreshing to deal with a company that focuses on applications not sales quotas.


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