Saturday, April 16, 2011

CMS 2010: Newworldson

The closing act at the conference was Newworldson, an eclectic soul band based in southern Ontario. Considering how they took the house by storm last year, giving the band the headline spot was more than appropriate.

The band also taught a class in the last session titled, "Fitting the Pieces Together: How We Write & Arrange Songs as a Band."  I'm sooooo kicking myself for missing it. I thought it would be a moderated discussion where the band would be asked the usual, "What's it like to work together?" type questions (yawn). Instead, they went through a process of writing and arranging a brand new song from scratch right there in front of the audience.

You heard right - a brand new song written in public in less than an hour. Wow!

Did I mention, "Wow!"?  This is the finished product as performed later that evening:

Newworldson - Selah

I also had a chance to chat with some of the band members backstage after the performance.  I'll talk about that and post some of the photos I took another time.

Here's a few other songs from the evening:

Newworldson - Commander

Newworldson - Do You Believe in Love

Newworldson - In Your Arms

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