Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CMS 2010: Late Night Groove Lounge

Rick Cua smiling for the camera
From the John-Lee-Hooker-would-be-proud dept.

Every year at CMS Overlake the guys include a concert-after-the-concert event called the Late Night Groove Lounge.  It's essentially a semi-impromptu blues jam session between a number of the artists attending the conference.  The songs are massively extended versions of the originals with solos from most every band member each time.

There's an NSFW phrase* that describes type of musical self-indulgence that happens there.  In room full of musicians (who are often, in turn, full of themselves :) that type of thing is not only acceptable but encouraged.

This year, Blues Counsel was the core band with various guests including Peter Davyduck (warning: MySpace Link) and Newworldson.  I only managed to see about half of this before I had to leave but enjoyed every minute I was there.  I'll report on it more thoroughly for y'all next year.

Blues Counsel & Peter Davyduck
Jesus is Waiting

Blues Counsel & Newworldson
When Love Comes to Town

* my wife hates when I use the real phrase

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