Thursday, November 25, 2010

CMS 2010: Day 2 and Updates

A sample of the stuff acquired at CMS*
From the tryptophan-hazes-make-bloggers-slow dept.

I'm in the process of preparing the content for the CMS Day 2 report but it may be a few days before the next post - it's Thanksgiving in the land of turkeys after all! There is a lot of great content that I'm way behind on editing together. Here's a preview of what's coming up:

Workshop 4 - How to Get Rich and Famous with Keith Mohr
I recorded a 30+ minute interview with Keith where we talked about the music industry, new media and how musicians promote themselves. It covered a lot, so I may break this on into 2 articles.

Workshop 5 - Music Publishing 101
Again, at least 2 article's worth of content.  Unlike the positive things that came out of the previous workshop this will be a little more, let's call it, "discouraging."

Workshop 6 - Tom Jackson
Always entertaining, Tom's session is like the pallate cleanser of workshops. Lots of video to splice together for this one.

Afternoon Worship with Jonathan Lee

I'll do my best to churn these out as soon as possible. Updates and notes below the fold.


The following articles have changed since they were originally posted:

CMS 2010: Workshop 3 - Ableton Live
Still waiting for a copy of the presentation for the microphone workshop. Go steve!

* Matt Anderson at CMS?

No not really.  I added his CD to the photo for my own amusement.  I saw him a few weeks earlier when the Vinyl Cafe was in Seattle.

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