Sunday, November 14, 2010

CMS 2010: Content Coming Soon

From the way-too-few-details dept.

I just spent the last couple of days at CMS Overlake and it was a lot of fun. It was two solid days of end-to-end 'stuff' and I'm both exhausted and sleep deprived.

To sum it up: there was a lot of good, a little bad and some just plain weird. I have 21 GB of content to filter through including pics, concert footage and an interview with Keith Mohr of

There were many opportunities to talk with presenters, attendees and artists about Creative Commons and almost nobody knew anything about it. Even worse, most had not even heard of it. A very sad situation.

If you read that last paragraph carefully, you might notice that I said, "almost." The last person I talked on the last day as I was heading out to my car not only heard of it but was, dare I say, "excited" to talk about it.

I won't give away the details about that conversation just yet, but I'll give you a hint with the pic on the right.

Over the next week (or so) I'll be putting up posts here detailing my experiences.

See my photos of moderately well known people
Watch poor quality concert videos
Hear my not-ready-for-radio voice talking to industry insiders

Much fun to come!

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