Sunday, November 21, 2010

CMS 2010: Brandon Bee & Blues Counsel

From the glass-is-half-empty dept.

Sorry all for the delay in getting things posted.  The next few articles are mostly videos, so they should come out in rapid-fire succession.

Friday afternoon at CMS had two musical interludes: a worship set with Brandon Bee and a concert with Blues Counsel.  Lets start with the worship set that wasn't.

Afternoon Worship with Brandon Bee

The main criteria of a worship set (in my reckoning) is that the crowd should be fully engaged in the music.  It not intended to be a concert where we sit back and enjoy the music.  Instead it should be much more like a big communal God-hug.  Brandon failed in that regard.

I can imagine that rabid Brandon Bee fans were tickled pink about the set, but considering that he's still quite unknown as an artist, that number is small.  Most of the songs he selected I had never heard of, and from the audience's reaction it seems they didn't know them either.  The words unfamiliar, the cadence unusual, the melodies unpredictable.  There wasn't a lot of singing-along going on.

Don't get me wrong in my critique here.  Brandon is a skilled performer, he just seems to have forgotten some of the basics of leading a worship session.

Afternoon Concert with Blues Counsel

If you like blues, you'll love Blues Counsel.  I'm annoyed that I managed to capture so little of them on my camera, and the bit I captured doesn't even show the good stuff.  These guys have more talent in the tip of their pinky fingers than I could ever hope to have.  The songs were engaging and I was honored just to be in the audience watching them.

I could go on and on about it but I don't think y'all are at all interested in my ramblings, so here's a better option.  A few posts in the future I'll have videos from the Late Night Groove Lounge where Blues Counsel perform along with Peter Davyduck and Newworldson.  That's the good stuff.

In the mean time, here's 18 seconds of of video I did manage to capture:

Below the fold: a couple of songs from Brandon Bee and Blues Counsel I found on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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