Friday, February 5, 2010

Open Thread

For today's listening pleasure, we have Cavashawn, a band that hails out of Chicago and released a couple of their songs under a CC license.

Administrivia after the jump.


Content, content, content.  That's what a good blog is about.  Unfortunately, the content on this blog has been rather limited and focused on the things I like to write about.  I've committed to writing at least one article a week but that will make it a really long, slow road to getting our numbers up.

So we're looking for contributors to both add to the volume and diversity of the site.  Optimally we'd love to see people who would commit to one post per week.  Even you only post one well written article, the contribution would be met with glee.  Once we have that volume and diversity of content, I can put my SEO and aggregation skills to work and get our numbers up significantly from where they are today.  You'll be a minor celebrity!

If you're interested in contributing, send me an e-mail at the address on my profile page.


Did someone say Digg?  Twitter?  Facebook?  Now each post has a nifty little 'Share' button at the bottom to make it easy!


Our article on the CMCC garnered us some attention including a comment from Eddie Schwartz, the president of the Songwriters Association of Canada.  I posted a bunch of questions for him and sent an e-mail to make sure he saw them, but no response yet.  I'll be sure to publish another article when the response comes so y'all won't miss it.

I was actually hoping Steven Page would have responded to the article, but no love there (yet).

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