Friday, January 29, 2010

Open Thread

For your listening pleasure, a pretty good concert bootleg of the Barenaked Ladies performing, "Boxed Set."

BNL has actively promoted the benefits of open and less restrictive access to music.  I'll follow up on that tomorrow.

Addendum: I just listened this version of the song carefully and noticed that Stephen changes the lyrics of the song (at 3:43 into the track) to, "... and if you want it again, download it on MP3 ..."  Cool!

Administrivia below the fold.

'In the News' Feed:

Last week I added the 'In the News' sidebar widget and since then 3-4 new items a day have been posted there - 37 articles in the past week!  Unfortunately it was a rather ugly widget, so on Tuesday I updated it with a new custom look including More... and RSS links.  If you click on the 'More' link, you get the added bonus of seeing my ugly mug :)

Most of the 'news' items are going there from now on rather than on the main blog so if you want your daily fill of content, subscribe to the RSS feed.  If you don't use RSS feeds, get with the program already!  If you have a Gmail account (like pretty much everyone does), subscribe via Google Reader.  It's a good thing.


Here's what happens when you don't post to your blog.  Ouch.

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