Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Thread

Here's some music while you ponder your comments.

I'll be doing a feature on After the Chase and the site where I originally found them in the next few days.

Administrivia below the fold.

Content, Facebook and Twitter

Keeping up on the blog has been a bit difficult due to the disruptive sleep patterns cause by the process of putting my Graves' disease into remission. Unfortunately, this is likely to continue for at least another month, so I'm looking for help in keeping the content flowing on the blog.

One thing I'm particularly looking is someone who can write articles on music that's out there that CC licensed or use any type of give-it-away-to-connect-with-fans model of distribution. A well targeted Google search will find a lot of stuff.

Of course, I'm open to other ideas for content too.

There are plenty of half written articles in the queue - I just need to finish them. We also now have a Facebook Page and Twitter account, although there's nothing there to see yet. Not exactly sure what we're going to do with them yet, but I wanted to reserve then name. Anyone want to take a stab at putting them to use?


Our stats are still pretty abysmal, but that's to be expected when starting up. As of midnight Tuesday:

  • 18 unique visitors
  • 47 visits
  • 89 pageviews

Not great, but you should see a bump in a couple of weeks as we'll be featured on Entertonement's Best of blog. Expect heavy cross promotion*.

We also got our 1st comment! Thanks Mark.

* full disclosure: I'm the Ops Manager for Entertonement, so you can expect a lot of inline players from their site.

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