Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Open Thread

Once a week (or so) I'll be putting up an open thread for y'all.  You can use it to talk about pretty much anything as long as it's at least vaguely relevant.  Use it to cover items we missed, general opinions about the blog and as feedback for us - yes we real ALL posted comments.

I'll also be posting below the fold miscellaneous things that really don't deserve their own posts that would otherwise clutter the site.  Things like half-baked plans we're cooking up, site administrivia and other general drivel.

Things I missed in 'What the Blog?'

As I sit here, write away and try to push things out in a timely manner, sure enough I miss things so here's an forgotten items addendum to my 'list of items':
  • IP Laws and Fair Use: Talk about intellectual property, copyright, piracy (both real and imagined) and what you're really allowed to do under fair use rules in spite of what so many others try to tell you.  I'll also be posting stories and examples of creative things people are doing with fair use.

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