Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News Rollup

I've been a bit negligent of adding news posts over the past few days, so here's a rollup of some articles that came down the pipe.

eMusic Payments Don't Rise Despite Price Increase
eMusic, an online digital music retailer, has recently raised its prices, but in spite of that artists are not receiving any extra revenue from the price increase. Given that eMusic's business model is to pass 60% of its revenue (after some expenses) on to the record labels, many are wondering where the extra money is going. Techdirt also reports that they are also censoring critics and taking away features without letting its subscribers know.

Dear Rock Stars …
Many big rock stars have put out statements on how free distribution of music hurts the little guy. Well, the little guy is now speaking out.

Where is All the Money SoundExchange is Supposed to be Paying Out?
SoundExchange has been heavily criticized for not paying out money to smaller artists and letting their 'claims' queue accumulate unaddressed for years. Fred Wilhelms, a Nashville entertainment lawyer breaks down the numbers in gruesome detail.

Digital Album Sales Slower in 2009
Note that this does not mean that sales are down, only the growth in sales. Remember physics class? It's kinda like approaching terminal velocity.

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