Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Independent Lens: Copyright Criminals

My wife and daughter love NBC's The Biggest Loser.  I do too.  It gives me time to get away and continue fleshing out some of my half written articles for this blog.  One of the worst parts of about the show is that we forget to change the channel afterward.

As I was energetically surfing away from The Jay Leno Show, I came across a new episode of PBS's Independent Lens called, "Copyright Criminals."  The tagline for the show states:
"Can you own a sound?  Copyright Criminals examines the history and influence of musical sampling, provoking debates about copyright, compensation and creativity in the age of intellectual property"
Cool!  Right along the lines of what we talk about here.  The website for the show includes an interview on fair use with the father of the Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig.

I'm hoping they'll put the full episode online after it airs this evening so I can catch the beginning.

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